Kapellas Nikolaos - Library and Information Science
Actively Seeking Employment


My academic and professional experience is mainly focused in the following: Knowledge organization systems, Metadata encoding standards, Semantic web technologies, ontology engineering, Databases, SQL, Information retrieval and data mining, Natural language processing, machine learning (forecasting), Website development, SEO-SEM, Social Media, Human-Machine interactions, Usability evaluation, Programming in Python & R language (basic),
Systems - Network Security (basic)

Personal information

Former MSc. student, with analytical thinking and problem solving abilities. I am communicative with a strong sense of responsibility, able to multi-task efficiently and under time pressure. I can perform equally good as member of a team or independently. In my free time, I like reading, photography and outdoor activities.
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Please feel free to contact me! I am available for employment, discuss project proposals and collaborations. It is my mission to work hard towards a given goal, explore new fields, excel and meet new people.

kapelnick.mud@gmail.com | : 0030-6986915533