Webdex productions is a small web-based service
created by Nikolaos Kapellas


Webdex productions services are mainly focused on the following things: evaluation of informational resources, description of library and archival content with the use of popular metadata encoding standards, development of ontological KOS systems for libraries and museums, and SPARQL endpoint querying. We are also involved with data mining and information retrieval techniques, natural language processing and machine learning statistical modeling.

Personal information

Nick is currently an MSc. student, self employed researcher and developer. Areas of his studies and work experience include Library and Information Science, Cultural Heritage Management, New Technologies and Multimedia, Knowledge Engineering and Data Analysis. For more information you can see his full resume below

Contact Webdex productions

Please feel free to contact us! We are always open in new ideas, project proposals and collaborations. It is our goal to expand, explore new fields, meet new people and co-shape the future.

kapelnick.mud@gmail.com | : 0030-6986915533